La Boheme Open-Air Tour 2021

This summer saw Outreach Opera perform one of the most famous and unforgettable operas of all time. Acting as the perfect introduction to opera, La Boheme follows a group of struggling friends, as they encounter the many highs and lows life that has to offer.

Rodolfo, a penniless poet and hopeless romantic, opens the door one fateful night, to an apologetic Mimi, who is looking for a light for her candle, and the pair instantly fall in love. But, with the cruel reality of life and all it has to offer lurking just around the corner, their journey is a hard one.

A tale of friendship, warmth, love and heartbreak, this opera certainly packs a punch.

These events took place in open-air settings across Lancashire and Greater Manchester, with an extended interval during which time audiences were invited to bring along a picnic to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings on the lawn.

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