About Us

Our mission is to make opera accessible to our local communities, where we can inspire our passion for opera, theatre, music and art into all generations

Outreach Opera is a North West based community opera company, performing opera in the UK. Engaging audiences and community participants, Outreach Opera perform in venues across the North West, presenting opera in an accessible and unique way. Our aim is to offer a creative tool for the local community, which allows them to experience and discover the shaping and performance of opera, alongside some of the regions finest talent.

Each year, Outreach Opera continue to build on their community projects, with a main project given in summer, along with smaller projects and performances given throughout the rest of the year. Seeking to bring opera to unusual locations, Outreach Opera adapts to the unique surroundings presented. Whether it be an indoor theatre, or a town centre pavement. Outreach Opera selects repertoire that seeks to engage and captivate unsuspecting audiences, from market stall dwellers to super market shoppers.

Outreach Opera engages a body of professional opera singers, along with an in house creative and a team of super volunteers.