Love, Lies and Tonic 2019

Outreach Opera returned to Hoghton Tower this summer for another journey through life, love, happiness and tragedy.
A great introduction to opera, Love, Lies and Tonic presents drama in bite sized chunks. Set amidst the hustle and bustle of small village life, Love, Lies and Tonic joins the locals down at the pub, offering a chance to witness clandestine conversations in dark corners, revealing the intricacy of community life. 
Audience members enjoyed picnics on the lawn, surrounded by the rolling hills of Lancashire, during the extended interval.
Outreach Opera enjoys bringing opera to unusual venues and so they used Hoghton Tower’s Great Barn for this particular production. As the home of  Hoghton Tower’s Farmer’s Market on a Sunday, the Great Barn is less accustomed to musical events, but it’s beautifully rustic nature provided the perfect setting for Love, Lies and Tonic. 

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